Webinar Series
Spring 2022

APRIL | Cannabis Landscapes in Southern Oregon through Story Maps

Moderators: Phoebe Parker-Shames, PhD Candidate, Berkeley CRC and Christopher Choi, Research Assistant with the National Resource Ecology Lab at Colorado State University.


The talk covers why and how Story Maps help communicate place-based research. Story Maps are digital curations of images, text and maps that allow interactive exploration of place-based narratives. Parker-Shames’ research explores how cannabis cultivation affects communities and the environment in southern Oregon. Immerse yourself in this research and interact with maps, visit CRC’s Story Map on Cannabis Landscape in southern Oregon. 

APRIL | Wildfire Impacts on California Cannabis Production

Moderator: Jeff Martin, Postdoctoral Scholar, Berkeley CRC, Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management.


  • Chris Dillis, PhD, Berkeley CRC, Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
  • Casey Birthisel, Director of Cultivation Operations, Central Coast Agriculture
  • Jay Caplan, CFO, Pro Farms
  • Brian Gossman, Founder, Distribution resource planning, Mountain Cannabis Company
  • Maggie Philipsborn, Director of Membership and Education, Nevada County Cannabis Alliance, and Lead of the Jones Bar FireWise Community