Justin Brashares
Professor of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
UC Berkeley Department of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management
Photo of Justin Brashares
Justin is interested in the causes and consequences of biodiversity decline. Similarly, he studies how the conversion of natural habitats affects the dynamics of animal communities.



Parker-Shames, P., Choi, C., Butsic, V. , Green, D., Barry, B., Moriarty, K. , Levi, T., Brashares, J. S.

The Society for Conservation Biology

What are ecological impacts of cannabis legalization? To find out, we mapped the first season of legal cannabis farms in Josephine County, southern Oregon.


P. Parker-Shames, W. Xu, L. Rich, and J. Brashares

California Fish and Wildlife Journal

As legal cannabis agriculture expands in rural areas, wildlife will respond, but how? In the biodiverse region of Klamath-Siskiyou in southern Oregon, cameras positioned around small cannabis farms reveal individual responses of different species.