Jennifer Carah
Senior Scientist
The Nature Conservancy
portrait photo
Jennifer works to protect and restore stream flows and address limiting factors to salmonid recovery in California.



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The Routledge Handbook of Interdisciplinary Cannabis Research

Will regulation of cannabis production lead to its industrialization? Can more sustainable models emerge for communities and the environment?


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Environmental Research Communications

Well water irrigates California’s top-producing cannabis farming regions. Why? What are the impacts?


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Land Use Policy

How has legalization shaped patterns of farm location, size, land ownership, and regulatory compliance in California?


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California Agriculture

Cannabis legalization opens opportunities to study and share best practices. Our survey of growers reveals starting points.


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California Agriculture

Small cannabis farms are common. Permit licenses are not. A survey of grower incentives and economic implications of California's cannabis legalization.


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Environmental Research Letters

How does California’s rapid expansion of cannabis agriculture into "frontiers" of sensitive habitat compare to regulatory investments? What does this portend for global cannabis frontiers?


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Investment in research, policy and governance can address negative impacts of cannabis cultivation to the environment.