Genoa Starrs
Geographic Information System Programmer
UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
portrait photograph
Genoa is a natural resources management professional with wide-ranging skills from fieldwork (inventory, measurement, and monitoring) to data analysis (R, ArcGIS, Conservation Desktop), including landscape-scale pattern analysis (remote sensing, mapping, modeling, interviews and surveys) and ecosystem service valuation.



Dillis, C., Butsic, V., Martin, J., Reiman, A., Starrs, G., Grantham, T.

Environmental Research Letters

With the largest legal cannabis market in the world, California's cannabis crops face increasing wildfire impacts, leading to substantial economic loss.


Polson, M., Butsic, V., Dillis, C., de Genova, H., Grantham, T., Herrera, L.R., Hossack, J., Laudati, A., Martin, J.V., Parker-Shames, P., Petersen-Rockney, M., Sorgen, J., Starrs, G.

This report presents multiple pathways for consideration by state and local governments in their efforts to improve cannabis cultivation policy.