Christopher Dillis
Postdoctoral Reseacher
Department of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management
portrait photograph
Christopher's research explores how cannabis farms use water, how they are regulated, and what the consequences are for freshwater resources.



Dillis, C., Petersen-Rockney, M., Polson, M.

Journal of Environmental Management

The marginalization of cannabis farms to the fringe areas of our state has created environmental conflict and negatively affects growers.


Dillis, C., Butsic, V., Martin, J., Reiman, A., Starrs, G., Grantham, T.

Environmental Research Letters

With the largest legal cannabis market in the world, California's cannabis crops face increasing wildfire impacts, leading to substantial economic loss.


Dillis, C., Butsic, V., Georgakakos, P., Portugal, E., Grantham, T.

Environmental Research Communications

Water use on unpermitted farms varies by watershed. With scenario modeling, we project the impacts of compliance with water extraction and off-stream storage.


Polson, M., Butsic, V., Dillis, C., de Genova, H., Grantham, T., Herrera, L.R., Hossack, J., Laudati, A., Martin, J.V., Parker-Shames, P., Petersen-Rockney, M., Sorgen, J., Starrs, G.

This report presents multiple pathways for consideration by state and local governments in their efforts to improve cannabis cultivation policy.


Dillis, C., Butsic, V., Moanga, D., Parker-Shames, P., Wartenberg, A., Grantham, T.


Where should we grow? Explore the vulnerability of California's cannabis agriculture to wildfire.


Dillis, C., Bodwitch, H., Carah, J., Power, M., Sayre, N.

The Routledge Handbook of Interdisciplinary Cannabis Research

Will regulation of cannabis production lead to its industrialization? Can more sustainable models emerge for communities and the environment?


Dillis, C., Butsic, V., Carah, J., Zipper, S.C. and Grantham, T.

Environmental Research Communications

Well water irrigates California’s top-producing cannabis farming regions. Why? What are the impacts?


Dillis, C., Biber, E., Bodwitch, H., Butsic, V., Carah, J., Parker-Shames, P., Polson, M. and Grantham, T.

Land Use Policy

How has legalization shaped patterns of farm location, size, land ownership, and regulatory compliance in California?


Dillis, C., McIntee, C., Butsic, V., Le, L. Grady, K., & Grantham, T.

Journal of Environmental Management

What cultivation practices help cannabis farmers store enough water to eliminate surface water diversions during California’s dry growing season?


Dillis, C., Grantham, T., McIntee, C., McFadin, B. & Grady, K.

California Agriculture

How does water use by cannabis farms affect streams in California's North Coast? Our study starts at the source.