Each semester, our webinar series explores the intersection of cannabis policy, communities and the environment.

Check back soon for details on our 2nd Cannabis Farmers Town Hall in November!

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Cannabis Farmers Town Hall - Sept 16, 12:00PM

UC Berkeley and UC Davis are preparing a grant application for the CDFA Sustainable California Grown Cannabis Pilot Program, which will provide an annual stipend to participating cannabis farms who are currently licensed with the state.

This project will develop Cannabis Irrigation Efficiency standards and best management practices (BMP), in cooperation with small outdoor cannabis farms only. Equity verified farms are encouraged to participate.


We hosted a town hall webinar, in partnership with the Origins Council, seeking feedback from interested cannabis farms to help us best design a project that:

1) is feasible for farmer participation, given the
limited amount of time and capacity most have;

2) is based on the needs of small cannabis farms
and the programs designed to support them;

3) delivers a product that is beneficial not only to
participants, but the community of small outdoor
cannabis farmers in California.

Spring 2022
  • Cannabis Landscapes in southern Oregon, as told through Story Maps
  • Wildfire Impacts on California Cannabis Production